Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dorothy of Oz Prequel #4

Okay, this mini-series is finally done.

There's really no way to tell about the plot of this without spoiling it, so consider this your spoiler warning:

Heading back to the Emerald City to find a prism for the Rainbow Mover to bring Dorothy back to Oz, the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Lion are attacked by Winged Monkeys. Meanwhile, Glinda catches up on the current events using the Book of Records (I'm thinking this is a shout-out for book fans, I wouldn't watch for it in the movie), and we see how Dorothy's doing in Kansas.

The story feels insubstantial, and this has been keenly felt throughout the series. Issue #2 was really good, but overall, it doesn't look like Dorothy of Oz really needs a prequel. Especially when you consider that we'll have to wait about a whole year to see this movie.

This series just offers some likely to be unnecessary back story. Issue #2 provided some good action scenes, but the series would have been much better if the Scarecrow, Tin Woodman, and Lion had tried to confront the Jester, been defeated, escaped back to the Emerald City and used the Rainbow Mover. Which has the worst name ever. (This actually would have been a bit in line with the Russian Magic Land books by Volkov, in which they'd call on Elli and later her sister as a last resort.)

It's nothing against the writer, they likely had to work with what they were given so it'd be in line with the movie, which they definitely couldn't have seen. And I sure won't blame the artists (though I am not a fan of the designs still, I guess I can live with them), since they have to adhere to certain designs. They do great with what they got to do, but overall this series really wasn't impressive.

So... waiting for the movie now...

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