Friday, September 21, 2012

Thanks, blog readers!

After a hard week of advanced Algebra homework, Angelo opted not to blog today. So, I'll step in real quick.

The Kickstarter for L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was successfully funded today, bringing director Clayton Spinney and writer Sean Gates $5,312 (minus whatever Kickstarter claims for using their service) to finish filming the live action elements for their film.

A little over a week ago, I posted a blog encouraging people to contribute, and thanks to the contributors (whether or not my blog spurred them on), they not only got to their goal of $5,000 but also surpassed it!

Angelo's proud that he'll be voicing a couple characters in the movie, so he had a bit of a professional reason to promote this (I auditioned for Mr. Joker, but I couldn't quite get the voice they wanted), so we're all glad to see it funded. We're told Sam made a sizable contribution. Angelo and I are betting we'll see "Executive Producer: Sam Milazzo" in the end credits!

In any case, this success will hopefully get us a really unique Oz movie sooner than later! Thanks, from a fan, to all the contributors. I'm proud of us all.


Sam A M said...

And hopefully with their new-found progress, we'll also get a new blog post or few from them as well!

jayjaybones said...

I am not loving this project so far the clips look un-inventive. Wizard of oz has been done to death- re-hased to many times. There is other books to be explored. MGM did a fine job putting it to screen and spawned wicked.

jayjaybones said...

sorry to anyone supporting the film.

Jared said...

No one will force you to see the movie, jayjay.

jayjaybones said...

I am not directly attacking the company just some of the ideas I LOVE this story so i have strong opinions attached to it. Everyone sees Oz a different way when they read the books. I do hope that if they follow through to the end and it looks polished. P.S. I love this blog minus the constant promotion of this film