Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Little present for you all

So, earlier I reviewed Capitol Records' Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz and fairly raved about it.

However, this title is hard to find, and even if you do find it, most versions are fragile shellac and should actually be handled carefully and kept safe.

But records were made to be listened to, and considering this production hasn't been made commercially available since about 1950, how can you get a copy to listen to?

... 1950? Wait... If it was done then, and if the copyright wasn't renewed, then there's a very high chance it's in the public domain now...

So, as a little service to Oz fans, I posted all six parts on my new Tumblr blog. Below, I've linked to each entry, where you can play the files.

However, you can also use the mp3 links below to download those six parts so you can put them on your MP3 player or computer or whatever. (You'll have to rename them, though. Tumblr changes the names to random letters and numbers.) And, once downloaded, you can see that I sweetened up the ID3 tags a bit. The cover image is embedded in the files, and each part (three record set, two sides, six parts) is named after a chapter of the book, except the last one.

Part 1: The Earthquake (MP3)
Part 2: The Mangaboos Prove Dangerous (MP3)
Part 3: They Meet The Wooden Gargoyles (MP3)
Part 4: The Den of the Dragonettes (MP3)
Part 5: Old Friends Are Reunited (MP3)
Part 6: Finale (MP3)

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