Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My next Oz book

I'm working on a new Oz book. It's not really a sequel to Outsiders from Oz, but it does tie in.

Here follows a spoiler if you haven't yet read Outsiders from Oz!

At the end of the story, two unfamiliar people are in Ozma's throne room. I don't tell who they are. I decided to end it this way to give the idea that adventures in Oz never stop. One adventure might wind down, but there's another one going somewhere.

One of the two people is none other than Mr. Isaac Tinker. Although I liked James Howe's Mr. Tinker in Oz, out of respect of copyright, I have to ignore it. The other person is his new friend Phil, which is short for his last name, Philly. His first name is Xander.

In this new story, Xander works at the Ev patent office. It's a boring job, until the day Mr. Tinker has returned to patent the inventions he's been making on the moon. Mr. Tinker's biggest new invention is the ASAFAM, a flying machine that can change size, allowing it to go anywhere. Using the excuse of an inspection, Phil joins Mr. Tinker for an adventure.

So, really, the possibilities of this book are endless. It's just that the ending of Outsiders requires they visit Oz at some point...

It'll be time to boldly go where no citizen of Ev has gone before!

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