Sunday, June 09, 2013

Outsiders from Oz feedback and reviews

Well, over a year ago, I published my first Oz book, Outsiders from Oz. Springing from a few loose ends I spotted in Baum's fantasies, it finally came to life as a 119-page book richly illustrated by a couple of Oz friends.

And of course, I wanted to know what people thought. If it's good, what did I do well? If it wasn't good, what could I work on? While I don't quite have that feedback, I think I have enough feedback to report on here. I've linked to reviews, and quoted some feedback that was either privately sent to me or no longer available to see publicly.
"It is beautiful, and I am enjoying it a lot so far. It reminds of when I read the (original Oz) books as a child, even the map!! Great job!" - Ronpur at the Who North America forums
Review by Nathan DeHoff: "I did quite like the book, which was an adventure of mostly familiar Oz characters in lands outside Oz itself."
Review by Frank Kunze: "Jared... peppers in various pieces of background lore as needed and in an efficient manner which doesn't slow the pacing of the story... I found Outsiders from Oz to be a relaxing and entertaining read. A lighthearted, yet quite interesting and creative fantasy story from a first time author who knows his subject matter well."
"Outsiders really IS one of the best Oz books published in the last several decades!" - Marcus Mebes
Review by Eric Gjovaag:  "'s a good one! Like a lot of good Oz stories, there are multiple story threads that meet together at the end... It's a nicely constructed story, and it all hangs together well. More importantly, all of the old familiar Oz characters act just like they should. I heartily recommend this one!"

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