Sunday, June 02, 2013

Oz on Home Video updates

With a little over a week left until the home video release of Oz the Great and Powerful, a few new details have arisen that may affect what you want to buy.

In a change from previous digital copies, rather than a DVD with the digital copy on it in a scrambled mode, the Oz the Great and Powerful digital copy will be download only, meaning that the only discs in the case are playable discs. (A former announcement mentioned there would be two DVDs. This is not the case.)

As previously noted, the 3D Blu-Ray comes as a single disc, however, there is an insert containing an offer to send off for a 2D Blu-Ray. And, in a nice twist, at least the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack will have a similar offer for the 3D version. The sendaway disc will cost $6.

If you look around, you can find coupons for various editions, or you can try price matching. (One person has claimed that they've found enough coupons that, when paired with price-matching, the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack will cost them under $5.)

What I'm doing is getting the Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack and will send away for the 3D disc, since it will be available at a rather low cost.

EDIT: $7 off coupon here.

Also, while we're at it, it seems Minnie and the Wizard of Dizz will also be released June 11th, and it came to my attention that the Sci Fi Channel (because that's what it was then) mini-series Tin Man was re-released to DVD and Blu-Ray by its new distributor, Mill Creek Entertainment. The DVD is two discs, and it is unknown what special features are on it. The Blu-Ray, from a press release, has all the special features, but it is now on just one disc, meaning the video quality has likely been compressed more. Unless you really want to watch all of Tin Man without switching discs, if you have the previous Blu-Ray or you're good with your DVD, skip it.

There should be a press release by Warner Brothers soon about their new editions of MGM's The Wizard of Oz, when we should have a release date and full details.


Blair Frodelius said...

There's also a 3D/2D Blu-Ray version available here:

Jared said...

That's a possibility, however the release is later than the US, and you have to import it from the UK, and shipping prices aren't cheap from there anymore. Plus, if you can get the 3D Blu-Ray or the Blu-Ray combo pack for $20 anywhere, using the sendaway offer will cost you less.