Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Big News: 'Yellow Brick Road'

I'm so excited to share that Yellow Brick Road, a screenplay that I've been developing for more than two years now, is finally on its way to the big screen!

It'll be a sort of “old school” animated musical that tells the story of the grown-up Dorothy Gale and the former Wizard, Oscar Diggs, teaming up to defeat a new evil in Oz, Betsy Bobbin.

I think Oz fans will really enjoy this film, and though I can't say much about it now, I can't wait to share more details about the project with our readers as it progresses.

Here's your first look at Yellow Brick Road, currently in development!

UPDATE: A New Adventure Awaits You in Oz...


Unknown said...

*crosses fingers for Ozma*

P.S. sounds quite cool. will it be a major screen thing or straght to DVD/TV deal?

Unknown said...

*crosses Fingers for Ozma*

Good luck on your film friend. do you have a projected release date?

James C. Wallace II said...

Well Angelo, I see you've made some progress these last couple of years. I couldn't help but notice that Dorothy seems to have aged a bit. Interesting... I trust you'll keep her family-friendly?


rocketdave said...

I'm intrigued.

Nuria "iluvendure" said...

I wish you with all my heart luck for this project, the designs are lovely!