Saturday, January 27, 2007

For gosh' sake, it's not a Munchkin!

I'm back to blogging!

In Springfield, we are almost completely recovered from an ice storm that left over 90% of the population of this and surrounding cities without power. My oldest brother and his wife were without power for about a week and a half, and only three of their fish (they had several fish, in addition to their surviving two dogs and two cats) survived.

As for me, my sister and I only lost power for the night. And, yes, our chihuahua Braxton is alive!

Anyhoo, I looked up an Ozzy topic on YouTube, and found this video:

I never noticed the bird until I heard this rumor. And then, I never thought it looked like a hanging man.

Yesterday, my state tax refund arrived. I fill out my tax forms myself and do it early. It's been deposited in my bank account. So, I went ahead and ordered Hungry Tiger Press' second edition of "The Woggle-Bug: The Complete Sheet Music from the Musical Extravaganza!"

When it first came out, I didn't have a job, but my library bought it. I had a bit of fun using a program to make MID files of some of the songs. Only one remains, though: "What Did The Woggle-Bug Say?" which was actually not from this play, but a promotion for "The Queer Visitors From the Marvelous Land of Oz."