Monday, April 02, 2007

April 1st

Yesterday was April Fool's Day. How many jokes did I play? 1. Number played on me? 0.

Eric Gjovaag pulled another April Fools joke. Last year, he wrote up a story about the discovery of L. Frank Baum's King Rinkitink, the original version of Rinkitink in Oz, which sadly seems to no longer exsist.

I, however, had a very special interview yesterday: I'll be appearing on Aaron Pacentine's "Returning to Oz" (see previous blog entry) on the 21st episode. Aaron tells me it will be a couple of weeks before the show is up.

Among the topics we talked about were my own Oz website, the two most popular Oz movies of all time (1939 and Return), and some foreign Oz films.

Aaron and I also hope to have me appear in future episodes.

All in all, the interview was fun.

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