Friday, April 20, 2007


Okay, so maybe the Internet Movie Database can keep lots of up-to-date information better than the volunteers for The International Wizard of Oz Club, but that's not what I'm talking about here... it's the message boards!

The Moderators at the IWOC forums are just volunteers, but they do their job and keep everything under control. Posting there is almost comparable to living in Oz... it's pretty peaceful!

MEANWHILE over on the more violent side of the Internet, the message boards for every single movie are abuzz and the top threads (which change every 10 minutes) get updated every 10 seconds! And people there are mean! I tried posting over there, and at one point I made a joke, nothing personal to anyone, just about a character in a movie that's coming out, and some says, "you're a jerk."

No one has a sense of humor anymore, because, when I replied that it was just a joke, I was met with, "you have no life outside of this message board."

You know what? These people don't know me, they don't know about the 30+ teens I work with twice a week, they don't know about all the websites I've done (often uncredited) things for, and they don't know (or wouldn't care) that I'm in-between jobs! People these days are so quick to judge! Like when I did go around looking for jobs, I stopped in at a hotel that had a sign saying "Help Wanted" out front. I went in, asked about it, and the receptionist looked me over and says, "No." (And if you're hiring, and in the 417 area, I'm available!)

So, I've stopped posting at the IMDB boards.

It's times like this when I wish Oz was real and that I lived there!

ON A SEMI-RELATED and less rant-like (sorry) topic, I recently posted a "Re-Imagining of Oz" idea on the IWOC boards. Upon reading it, that fellow who posts as "pumpkinhead" noted how violent it was, and that he couldn't believe I wrote it. Just another, but more enjoyable, example of how much people don't know me...

AND ON THE IWOC VIDEO: the music I've decided on is "The Return To Oz Ragtime March." (You know, they music that plays during the triumphant parade scene in Disney's Return to Oz.) Now to find clips.

And yep, because of the above, I do feel nicer towards the Club now...

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