Monday, April 30, 2007

"Returning to Oz" 21 released + more

I got a call from Aaron Pacentine today. "Returning to Oz" episode 21 has been released. If you haven't been paying attention, I'm on this episode, but so are a lot of other folks! It's over an hour long (64 minutes), and it's divided into eight parts. I'm listening to it right now, so I'll probably won't be able to post up a review until tomorrow. (I have a job now.)

A new change is that Aaron is now using ZShare to host the files. As a webmaster, I understand why someone would do that: eventually your own website begins to run out of space, and you have a lot more content you want to share. This means that downloading it will not be quite as easy as the previous episodes. So don't right-click to save the files. Click on the link, and here you can listen to the part of the show, or you can click on "Download This File" link, and follow it again. Note: Internet Explorer 7 will block the download, but you can right-click the "Click here is the download doesn't work" link and save from there. (Technical support!)

Another bit of news from Aaron is that there will be a new Oz Panel CD soon, this time completely focusing on Disney's Return to Oz, and someone who was involved with the production will be there to give input. Aaron has asked that I not reveal who, so that should keep you watching for updates. This will be the third Oz Panel CD. While it remains to be seen if this will be the best panel CD yet, Aaron assures me that it will be better than the second CD featuring Aaron, Celia Foster, and Zach Allen.

So, go ahead and download this episode! Put it on your iPod, or your mp3 player, or burn it to CD, or just listen on your computer.

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