Friday, September 21, 2007

Original Wonders are gone now

Hey, if you haven't noticed, I removed the original versions of The Wonders of Oz episodes 1 & 2 from YouTube.

I'm sorry for anyone who was charmed by the original editing.

The thing is, I would rather not have people think that the "Remixes" (which are no longer called so) are pointless re-hashes. The thing is, they are not. I felt that I could have done better on those episodes, so I decided I would do new versions that WERE better. And, from what I heard, they are.

As "Wonders 4" is in development, I'd like to thank once again everyone who has contributed in some small way to this project. (You know who you are!) I believe I plan to tribute everyone in some way in episode 4, even if it is just a mention in the credits.

I'd also like to publicly announce that it looks likely that episode 4 may be split into two parts. I have up to three people who have already agreed to try to make short videos of themselves talking about Oz and how they feel about it. Suggestions and additions are still welcome, though. If you're interested, check my Blogger profile for my e-mail.

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