Friday, September 14, 2007

Wonders 4 News!

Let me tell you folks, "Wonders 4" is going to be BIG. I think this will be the best episode to date. Aaron really outdid himself on the audio this time. Sam Antony Milazzo, my Australian correspondent (who plans to become an official International Wizard of Oz Club member in November) is letting me include some of his artwork. Sean Pollock has promised a clip from an Oz play he created. New Oz author Matt Bloom and his illustrator have both said they will attempt to do some short segments where they will talk about continuing the Oz series. (There may be another author as well.)

The tentative title is "The Wonderful Fans of Oz." It will cover Oz books after the Famous Forty, as well as Oz websites and fan productions and other fan-created items.

(NOTE: The International Wizard of Oz Club will not be covered here because we will be devoting a special episode to it.)

This episode may be so big, it may need to be split. We'll see...

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