Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bad news, I'm afraid...

It seems Microsoft can't make stable video editing software. On all of my videos, I have used the standard Windows Movie Maker, but now the thing is bugging out on me. It won't play or let me import video (it has no problem with audio, but if I wanted an Audio editor, I have Audacity!), so now it's pretty useless! I've tried every trick in the book, save reformatting my hard drives and starting fresh! (Which I really don't want to do.)

Rest assured, I don't want my videos to stop, so I'm looking into other software. I know many of my blog readers watch my videos, so I'm asking you all to bear with me. I'm very sorry.

EDIT: I found the problem at last and fixed it. Still, you'd think Microsoft could make software that doesn't get corrupted so easily. My problem was that some codecs for the video I was trying to use had disappeared, so it wouldn't work at all.

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