Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Video

I made this video to try out Ulead VideoStudio 9.

(Warning, some language at the end, and a shower scene.)

Here's my list of video editing software I've used (I've left out a couple that I couldn't use because my system is kind of out-of-date)...
Windows Movie Maker A very easy-to-use interface, plenty of options and effects, but is easily corrupted by installing and using other video software. (And even if you don't, it often does get buggy, anyway.)
Video Edit Magic Promises a lot, gives little. A pretty daunting-looking interface that often messes up your video footage. Effects have to be tweaked before you get the desired look, and then your finished video looks choppy.
Nero Vision Excellent for making end credits, but is not a friendly video editor.
Virtualdub Okay, pretty much, you have to get a handle on using this one, but it's not that good for actually editing video, unless you're removing sections from a video. Really, for all practical purposes, Virtualdub is more like a video converter and re-encoder, it can also capture and add filters to video. (I've used it to make low-quality footage look a little better.)
AVS Video Editor Decent video editor, though making simple text overlays seems impossible, and it's difficult to preview and sync up your video.
Ulead VideoStudio 9 (Current version 11, but I couldn't get that one to install) Almost a Windows Movie Maker clone, now allowing you to use more kinds of video, saving in more formats, two video tracks, two audio tracks, and there's more effects. My worst problem is that it has trouble loading media on removable media, like CD and DVD ROMs and flash drives. Other than that, it's a very good editor.

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