Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Wonders 11

I guess I owe my blog readers some word about Wonders 11: I did finish it. I uploaded it in the wee hours of the last day of July, so it's been on YouTube for about a week.

As you can see, it did not turn out as I'd hoped. The big culprit: Windows Movie Maker. Yes, after making 10 regular episodes of Wonders, it broke down. (Which is weird, it's not a car, it shouldn't wear out, it just bugged up.) It saved the opening titles segment and the very first part with Aaron's narration just fine, but when it came to the excerpts from "Wicked," the audio fell out of sync. When it came to the musical, I set it to mute the first bit, but it didn't in the exported video, and then you see more audio syncing problems in the clips I chose!

I tried using alternatives, Nero Vision, which I like how it does credits (the credits roll was made with it), but it would crash when I tried to save the completed episode. I goofed around with AVS Video Editor, but honestly, I wasn't sure if it wouldn't let me NOT make a DVD. The video on YouTube was edited with Video Edit Magic, which, as you see, is terrible at using pictures, and it made the Idina Menzel Tony Award video go out of sync with it's audio (I edited myself).

I'm going to remake this episode, but I'm trying to find video editing software that will actually work.

And yeah, I should really get a Mac, because they're better equipped for video editing, but unless someone wants to donate one or a thousand dollars to buy one, I'll just have to make do with what I have.

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