Sunday, August 31, 2008

This will make no sense...

...unless you're one of the three (well, there's actually a fourth, but he wouldn't know) other people involved...

Last week...

I chatted through a blue cloud to a man who lives upside-down.

I spoke with a man in the future using a bird with poor spelling.

The same bird allowed me, the man in the future, and a man who lives outside of a city that split to talk to each other without taking us anywhere.

The man in the future produced an excellent stuffed figure.

We made sure that the poorly spelled bird did not see the figure.

The man from the split city and I spoke about a bloodthirsty person.

I also used the poorly spelled bird to briefly talk to the man who lived only an hour into the future.

Are you confused yet?

Can you figure out who and what I'm talking about? (I have mentioned all of the people and things somewhere in my blogs.)


alancook said...

Apart from the bloodthirsty person, this is all crystal clear to me. Heheh

Oz RPG said...

The man who lives upside down likely lives in Australia, the man one hour in the future likely lives on the East Coast, if I know my geography, while the man who lives in the future probably lives farther east. Europe, most likely.

Blue cloud and poorly spelled bird are likely references to chat software, text-only for the blue cloud, while the poorly spelled bird might also refer to the brand of your webcam, since you mention visibility in regards to it.

I'm tempted to take the stuffed figure literally.

Other than that, I'm stumped.

Anonymous said...

Pidgin (IM software) = Poorly spelled bird, I think?