Thursday, December 11, 2008

Another idea...

JD: This painting of W.W. Denslow they used in this documentary looks a lot like Robert Carlyle...
AC: Really?
JD: That's it, I'm saving this shot... It's a nice example of enlarging 352 X 240 video to 640 X 480 video.
AC: Ah.
JD: But when I noticed that, I had to mention it to you. Here it is, if you care to see.
AC: He does look like Bobby a little.
JD: Yeah...
AC: Baum a little teeny bit, too.
JD: I noted both Baum and Denslow had similar features. They were also the same age.
AC: Hmmm.... (Genius at work.)
JD: But Den died first. Sad story, died broke, drunk, and alone.
AC: Hope I ain't his reincarnation.
JD: You could really do a whole movie contrasting the lives of these two.
AC: That would work.
JD: Baum died with enough money coming in to keep his widow supported, a cigar at his bedside, with his wife.

It might make an interesting dramatic narrative to compare the lives of two men who were born at the same time, grew up, became business partners, then fell out and they died in contrasting ways.

Now, who to sell the idea to?

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