Friday, December 19, 2008

Oz in the UK blog coming... sometime...

A United Kingdom resident who I've mentioned on the blog a few times has asked that I do a blog about Oz's UN-popularity in the UK.

Only problem is, I've no idea where to start... Help!


Nathan said...

I have to wonder how long Oz has been relatively unpopular in Britain. Did the books not sell well there when they were still current? Was there even much of an attempt to market them outside the States?

My favorite British musician, Andy Partridge of XTC, apparently had a song where he misidentified Frank L. Richards as the author of the Oz books. I haven't heard the song, though.

ozfan08 said...

Start where u strted ur first blog exceept add about the importance of ur blog since oz is not well recognized in the uk.

alancook said...

I think I may be the UK resident in question here.

The thing is, The MGM film was and is very popular here and The original book too-ish.

But, you can't get the other books in the cannon over here for love nor money.
And as far as I can remember, they've never been available here.

So, as a result, the average person only knows the film and the other one: Return To Oz.

To get the other books, I had to go through New York company Books Of Wonder and they were expensive and took over 3 months to get here.

It ain't easy over here.
Al Cook.

Jamie Dodds said...

As a massive Oz fan here in the United Kingdom, i think its appalling that the film, and book series doesnt have the following it has in the States, id love to live in the States and be part of the whole Oz phenomenon