Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Year's Follow Up...

Last year, I made some resolutions (link here), let's see how I've done...

1. I have been actively searching for a better job, but all have since failed to open up. Given the economy and number of businesses around my area that have closed, my only real hope is moving somewhere else, which I can't afford to do.

2. Wonders will be finished next year. This year has been a real low for me. Maybe it was my change in work schedule, or a lack of creative drive since I started living alone. I have also had issues with video editing software. Believe me, no one is more disappointed that the series didn't have many installments this year than I am.

3. Because I wasn't able to find a better job, the option of taking a trip to an Oz convention never opened.

4. Also, since that announcement to re-do the Dorothy and Ozma Productions website, nothing has happened...

5. All right, now this one is better! I have submitted a few news stories to the Bugle this year, and was asked to do some reviews, which I did. I understand one is in the current issue of the Bugle, which I am still waiting for in the mail.

6. That was too optimistic. In fact, over the year, once again, I and Sam Milazzo have re-evaluated our scripts for The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and have decided that we could make them even better. We've also been looking at ways to get the scripts actually filmed. Who knows? An independent international film company may just emerge from this...

7. With a few small exceptions, I have been consistently replying to e-mail from Oz fans.

I also did a few small accomplishments this year that I hadn't resolved to do:

  • I've made more international friends, and have been able to increase the number of contacts I have in the United States.
  • I launched The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Writer's World site for fan fiction, thanks to Jericho Mathew Bloom, who still has the server.
  • A bit of bright side on the lack of Wonders episodes: the time I was evaluating alternatives to Windows Movie Maker opened up new options for video effects and editing. I plan to use some of these in the final episodes of Wonders.
  • The purchase of a webcam enabled me to do a live show one night. (I'd like to do another one, but will wait until I have a better camera.)
  • Increased usage of Instant Messaging and using Skype opened up new methods of communication with otherOz fans.

Next year ("resolve" is such a strong word), I hope to:

  • Meet some of these people I've only e-mailed, instant-messaged, or "Skyped."
  • Improve my writing skills. (I know I'm not the best!)
  • Do more videos, with more original content.
  • Get better at Flash animation! (Anyone who read it, please consider my Enchanted Island of Yew animation to be indefinitely shelved, an idea to be dusted off when I feel I'm good enough at Flash to do it.)
  • Do another live show.

Have a great New Year, all!

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Nathan said...

Since I do have the latest Bugle, I can confirm that your review of Hungry Tiger's John Dough appears in the Oz Book Shelf.