Thursday, September 10, 2009

An announcement!

If you remember my posting about The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Writer's World, you may have noticed that the Ozmatron is also down.

But never fear! I've got an announcement from the host himself! In his own words, "Sam Moshe the Royal Curator of the Ozmatron is working feverishly with his army of enchanted cutlery to get the thing back online!"

Moshe is the guy who worked with Jericho Mathew Bloom and myself to bring both of these sites up. However, there is also a note that the Ozmatron will likely undergo a bit of an address change, being hosted directly at (Due to circumstances, the Nonestica book is currently on hiatus.)

I'll keep you all posted!

Edit: The Ozmatron is back up at it's new address!

1 comment:

Oz RPG said...

Good thing. My Adventures in Oz AP logs were there and, silly me, I didn't have backups.