Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The heaviest Oz DVD yet...

Okay, for anyone wondering, I have the 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition of The Wizard of Oz.

At 5 pounds (according to the shipping information), this is the heaviest DVD set I own. I'm probably not going to use the Digital Copy disc, and I know I'm not going to wear the watch, as, without removing it from its nice tin, I can see it'd be too small to fit my wrists.

I've only had it in my possession for a few hours, so I haven't had time to look at all the print materials and watch all the new special features. But it looks fantastic!

Despite what some reviews have said, the version of The Dreamer of Oz included is not unwatchable. I noticed some weird flickering effect on it, but it isn't too annoying.

The Patchwork Girl of Oz is finally given a proper DVD release with a clear transfer, as is the restored cut of The Magic Cloak of Oz, which I really want to see, and maybe do a podcast about.

I didn't find the 1932 "Land of Oz" by the Meglin Kiddies on the set, despite what John Fricke and the the DVD's official website announced. There's a possibility it's Blu-Ray only, and if that's true, I may be forced to buy my first Blu-Ray and a Blu-Ray ... drive! (As I don't own an HDTV, my computer would be the only way to see High-Definition. I know, these things don't cost thousands of dollars anymore, but my TV is still very serviceable!)
*EDIT: The official website has removed it from the lists, so it looks like it was a bit of an accident of it being listed there.*

I only took a few peeks at the MGM movie itself, and it looks sharp and clearer than ever. (Most likely, however, normal viewers won't notice the detail difference from this and the 2005 release.) Note: this was on the DVD. Despite the restoration work, DVD has a maximum resolution, and probably the restoration is best appreciated on Blu-Ray.

One change I noticed was that the longer silent films (all of which are on disc 4) now have chapter breaks, something I missed from the 2005 set. It's very appreciated.

The menus are updated versions of the menus on the 2005 sets, except that disc 2 is an exact duplicate of the same disc from those editions.

Right then... Now I'm off to do something else.


Anonymous said...

Is there a scene cut for the wizard of oz ?
I remember a scene before dorthy sits down next to the crystal ball.
she was cry to her aunt trying to turn the hour glass over but would not turn over. she cried " it won't turn over, aunty m it turn over,it won't turn over. then she quiets down and sits down next to the crystal ball.
Then the witch taughts her with the image of aunty m & the witchappearss it the crystal ball.

I'm i the only one who remembers this scene, or did i imagine it?
they made a spoof of this scene in flash gordon 1977 movie.
i think it is important to keek the film intact and complete u edited.
i am sure i seen it, seen it enough times on telivision.

ColinAyres said...

I have ordered the blu-ray ulitmate edition from amazon.com and from looking at the postal tracking it is on British soil and on it way to me i'm getting excited!!!

I'll let you know if the 1932 Land of Oz is on there, as I'm curious about this one as I never heard of it before and have heard of have just about everything else.

Jared said...

Anonymous, I have never heard of that scene, though I have heard people describe it before. If it was parodied in "Flash Gordon," they were probably pointing out, "Why didn't Dorothy keep the hourglass going by rotating it?"
(By the way, next time you have a question, just do one comment!)

Colin, thanks for checking, though I saw a video of someone looking over their Blu-Ray set, and the 1932 movie was not on it either. It's not too widely talked about as it was unavailable on home video. I'm a little annoyed that we got teased about it being released then discovered, "it's not there!"

ColinAyres said...

Oh well was getting excited for a bit then of another un-discovered Oz treasure:(

At least we still get Dreamer of Oz which I have been waiting oz-ages for!!!!

JD Rose said...

I have yet to order the 70th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition of The Wizard of Oz. I have waited soooo long for it and am so excited to get it!!!!

PS Colin Ayres - PLEASE contact me - It's Nicki; the girl you saw Wizard of Oz on stage with allllll those years ago lol and I have been trying to contact you in ages! I'd love to catch up with you! xx