Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Heading for Winkies!

Bus tickets and itinerary, check.
Clothes, check.
Deodorant, shaver, shaving gel, q-tips, check.
Still camera... Taking some photos off of it just now, but check!
Video camera, check.
Batteries, check.
Phone, wallet, keys, mp3 player and chargers, check.
A number of Thompson Oz books to read on the trip, check.
"Royal Podcast of Oz" pin, check.
Stowaway 11th Doctor and K-9... What?
Books to get autographed by their authors who will be attending, check.
12 bottles of water for hydration on the trip there, check.
Sandwiches for trip, check.
Excitement, check!

Yep, headed to the Winkie Convention today. Going by Greyhound because I've not been any further west than Oklahoma, so I can take in some more of the United States... before I marry some British girl and move over there! (Maybe not...) Also, I couldn't afford air fare. (I'm going to try to save up for that next year.)

Using my phone, I can access my e-mail, Twitter, and some other sites, but don't expect me to blog while I'm there. I have asked Sam if he can write a blog while I'm away, but that's his choice. (Hey! Leave a comment with a blog suggestion for Sam!)

I'll be back on the 27th. See you all then!


James C. Wallace II said...

Since Sam is Australian, (not Druid as I had suggested before; that was only a joke), perhaps he can give us Americans his perspective on how Aussie's perceive Oz as opposed to how American's perceive Oz.
I, for one, would be very interested in his take on his overall view of the Land of Oz compared to others, including Jared.

Sam said...

It may have been a joke to you, but was at my expense.
Look, I don't expect us to get along all the time . . . but what you posted back there wasn't too enjoyable for me.

Since you don't really know me as well as Jared does, please be more careful with jokes such as this or otherwise don't say anything.

And be sure to keep in mid that I may be Australian, but my opinions are entirely different from other Australians.