Sunday, July 18, 2010

The Royal Podcast of Oz

In the latest installment of the podcast, Sam and I talk about new Oz movies rumored to be in development, and how we think Baum's world would best be presented onscreen. As always, you can listen to it and download it at the podcast site, or use the player below:

Most of this podcast was recorded back in April before Sam and I got new USB based headsets. Later, we recorded pick ups, as we realized we had forgotten to cover some subjects. Due to the releases of other podcasts, this episode was pushed back to July, and some of the information about rumored or upcoming Oz movies is dated (as I recorded in the recently added introduction), but the opinions Sam and I share about presenting Oz onscreen are still very relevant.

Also, taking into consideration some opinions from listeners, this episode is presented in mono instead of split stereo.

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