Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jared's Away . . . The Time Has Come!

Now that Jared Davis is gone, I can finally TAKE OVER THE ROYAL BLOG OF OZ!!


. . . Nah, not going to be doing that.

I'm glad Jared's finally going to the Winkies Convention. As long as I can remember, he's expressed interest in going there. Since it's much too far and expensive for me to go, he can have fun for the both of us.

Shall I Blog on, or save it to another day?

Uh, well . . . I love "the Wonderful Wizard of Oz".

I may have only read it a few times or once and quite a while ago, but it is such a simple story that I can remember it easily, in terms of what is said and what isn't said/written. But don't ask me what happens on which page.

Ever since this book (and the films based on it) I LOVED Tornadoes, roads paved with bricks, Lions, I think/believe Silver shoes are easier on the eye than ruby slippers, and of course I was "convinced" that all Witches (hopefully Wicked ones) could be beaten by melting them with water - of course over time I learned that is not so. Good thing too, otherwise that would get boring.
Still, at a young age, when I would see Mombi in the 1987 Cinar/Pan-Media and/or a pot with water or a potion . . . I couldn't help but think about splashing her.

It's funny how even in this REAL WORLD of ours I occasionally see a little girl or few with shoes that are silver, whether they're sneakers or another type of shoe.

I may like almost all the adaptations of Oz, and even have ideas of how to do it differently, but I remain an Oz Purist.
I like my Dorothy as a brown-haired youth, my Ozma as a lovely golden-haired girl just a little older than Dorothy, and Oz more Baum than MGM.