Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Borderlands status 6/8/2011

The publication of The Borderlands of Oz may be just a few months away! The illustrator, Shawn Maldonado, has turned out some nice illustrations already! Seriously. I show them off to my proofreaders and we're all impressed together.

I sent the text off to be proofread again, making this the fourth proofreader we've had, as well as the editor! Once that's done, I'll get it ready for a special format that very few new Oz books have been treated to: an audio book version. I've mentioned in the past that too many Oz writers want their books made into movies before they've tried translating it to another language or offering a version for the blind to enjoy. While I'm not sure how my story would work as a film, I don't know anyone who could help get it translated to another language, but I can do an audiobook.

Once Shawn is done with his illustrations, the book will go to layout, which a friend knows how to do well, and I've requested it be done in "classic Oz book style." Not because I feel my story should be considered part of the official Oz series, but because it is an attractive layout.

I plan to have my book available in five formats: hardcover, paperback, digital edition, CD audiobook, and mp3 audiobook. (I've looked into publishing on the big audiobook sites. It can't be done for a first time writer.) It's not that I'm trying to be a capitalist or anything, but some people will want an affordable paperback, while others will want a nice hardcover, while others may be satisfied with the digital versions. My story might not please everyone, but there will be a format for everyone. I feel that as a self-published writer, I owe that to my audience.

I'm still seeking an alternate title, as Borderlands was actually just the working title, but we've yet to find a nice alternative.

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