Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Oz Update...well, sort of.

Dorothy of Oz has been announcing various licensing deals this past week. Read all about that here.

Casting in Pontiac, Michigan for Oz: The Great and Powerful has been taking place as well. Over 3,000 people auditioned.

Tom and Jerry & The Wizard of Oz is now on iTunes. I saw the preview for it on my iTunes page, and it looks like it will be a fun movie.

I was planning on doing another blog exclusive this week or next week, but the lovely folks at CW3PR did not allow me to do so.

Since there's not much news to report this week, enjoy this video of Anne Hathaway (set to play Judy Garland in an upcoming biopic) playing Dorothy in an Oz-themed segment of Saturday Night Live.

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Chris Dulabone said...

The weather vane was an interesting character. I wonder, though, if he had an actual name. If so, might his name have been Bill? (see "Grampa in Oz").