Friday, February 24, 2012

"Dorothy and the Witches of Oz" Louisville Premiere!

Tonight I attended the Louisville, Kentucky premiere of Leigh Scott's "Dorothy and the Witches of Oz" movie! It was amazing. I had already met Leigh Scott, Al Snow, and Barry Ratcliffe; but today I got to meet Ashe Parker, who has a couple of small parts in the movie. The first thing she said to me was, "do you have an accent? Lemme hear you talk." We are both from Kentucky, and she has a nice little country twang to her voice unlike me. We got our picture taken together... sorry for the blurriness, folks. Taken on a cell phone...

Barry and Al were at a table set up for signing posters and postcards, so my friend and I went over there to get an autograph. Barry immediately recognized me and announced that I had arrived. Then Leigh Scott came over and gave me a copy of the soundtrack for the movie that he had promised me awhile back. We all got our picture taken together, but sadly, I don't have it. There was a photographer there taking photos of everything, but I don't have those yet. So, you'll have to settle for a cell phone picture of just Leigh, Al, and I.

Yeah, no one was really focused on taking the picture... maybe the ones the photographer took will look better?

Anyhoo, after the picture, I talked to Al a bit. Fun fact for you diehard Oz fans, Al has actually read all of the Oz books! He asked me which ones were my favorites, and which ones I've read and haven't read. Really cool guy, but a little intimidating...

By that point, it was 7:15, and the movie was about to start. The movie started a few minutes late, because they had to wait for everyone to get into the theater. Barry gave a nice introduction, and the movie started!

Let me just say without spoiling much, that the beginning blew me (and everyone else in the audience) away completely. It was really an unexpected surprise, and I loved it! I think that Oz fans that get to see the movie will really respond well to that, too. They cut about 20 minutes out since I've seen it, and I really liked seeing the movie on the big screen and the audience's reaction.

The event was pretty successful. The theater was pretty much full, and everyone was excited to see it. There were some great questions in the Q&A, and you could tell a couple people really did their homework. Leigh talked about the sequel a bit, and explained the references in the movie to Wonderland and Neverland.

After the movie, as I was walking out, Leigh stopped me and asked what I thought of the movie. We talked for a bit (and I mean a couple of seconds), and then it was over. An awesome night!

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