Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Bring it

So, there's news that director Tarsem Singh will be directing all ten episodes of NBC's show Emerald City, followed by some news about casting and brief character descriptions that sound interesting, but also sound like they have absolutely nothing to do with the Oz we know from Baum's books.

Now, I mean, to be honest, Tarsem Singh also directed Mirror Mirror, a heavy revising of the story of Snow White that altered the story so much, Snow White doesn't even bite an apple. But that movie was also highly entertaining, kind of like a more family-friendly Terry Gilliam film.

But while the director seems capable of handling Oz, fans are wondering if the series is a good idea or not. I can tell that already, the series will be decried by some Oz fans, probably even a majority. While I have my own apprehensions, I'll reserve my judgement and thoughts until I actually see the show.

And if it's bad... Well...

Bring it on!

Keep trying with Oz, Hollywood. Keep reworking and seeing what works and what doesn't. Perhaps one day, you'll finally find that perfect intermediate between what makes L. Frank Baum's work tick and what makes good film and television.

And while I don't think Emerald City quite sounds like it'll be the one, it nonetheless sounds interesting, and I'll keep an eye open for it.

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