Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Great Oz videos #2

Okay, maybe it's a little too soon after my last blog entry, but I found some more videos you may enjoy...

Livermore School presents a ballet version of "The Wizard of Oz" in which Dorothy & Co. decide to ease on down the road.

What's that song Elphie sings in Wicked about her future? "The Wizard & I?" No, I believe it was the song "Making Good." (Unfortunately the person who posted the video is not allowing anyone to embed it, although I could probably hack some code... but I'll respect their wishes. Anyhoo... all these underlined words serve as a link.) It was an early version of "The Wizard & I" that was cut and changed during the workshops.
And here's "The Wizard & I."

And, for an Oz parody/tribute, here's a take on Oz from That 70's Show.

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Eric said...

I always like, in the clip from That 70s Show, how they got around the MGM/Warner Bros. copyright by basing their versions of the characters on Denslow's original illustrations from the book.