Sunday, August 12, 2007

Re-working "Wonders"

So far, I have released the first two episodes of The Wonders of Oz, relating the life of L. Frank Baum.

People seem to like it, except they have been complaining about the audio. Someone even suggested that I contact them and have them re-dub the first episode.

First off, I have NO intention to take Aaron Pacentine off the project. While I did contact Aaron about these comments, and he says he will try to do better, I feel I could have done better on the editing.

SO... I will be reworking the audio for episode 1 & 2 and putting up NEW versions before episode 3.

One major change is that my dramatic readings of Baum's dying words will be replaced with Mike from AT&T Labs Text-to-Speech demo. (You heard him at the beginning of episode 1, performing the "I was telling the kids a story" quote.)

Episode 1 will have equalized audio, and probably some clean-up done on it. The opening credits will be replaced with the more streamlined credits from episode 2, with the appropiate title restored.

Episode 2, aside from the afore mentioned changes, will also have the audio cleaned. I also forgot to credit Hungry Tiger Press as the source for the pictures from The Woggle-Bug and The Tik-Tok Man of Oz, so the end credits will be slightly altered, as well.

PLEASE let me know if you have further suggestions on improvement.

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