Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ozma

Oh, as I reflect on the days of yore,
I cannot help but pause,
And think of the young and beautiful
Fairy Queen of Oz.

For over a century her reign
Has remained undeterred
And, to all the people throughout the Land,
No other ruler would be preferred.

Happy Birthday, Ozma. I'm glad you're still the Queen of Oz after 103 years.

(P.S. Thanks to Jerry Robbins, who adapted the first five Oz books for audio dramaztizations by Colonial Radio Theatre, for the first two lines of the poem... Too bad the Woggle-Bug (or is it Woogle-Bug?) never finished his version!)

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Jerry Robbins said...

Stumbled on your blog in a google search - you're welcome, Jared! Yes, I know we got the given name of the Woggle Bug wrong in our productions, but I had a reason for it; and it was probably a bad judgement call in retrospect. Glad you liked it! Cheers - Jerry Robbins, Colonial Radio Theatre - Boston MA