Sunday, August 05, 2007

Wonders of a Shiz shirt

While at work, some teenage boy that was with his mum came through our checkstand. I couldn't help but notice his shirt.

"Property of SHIZ UNIVERSITY (WKD) Athletic Dept."

Yeah... Wicked t-shirts!

If you want to see the shirt (and/or buy it), here you go! (They also have green glasses. Might want to get a pair. Never know when you might wind up in the Emerald City... and I don't mean Seattle.)

Did I say "mum" earlier? See, Sam! Something in your e-mails rubbed off!

I also worked QUITE a bit on The Wonders of Oz episode 2 today. In it, you will hear a GREAT voice for Dorothy! And get this, it is done by an adult! (And my computer...)

In this episode, I cut a lot of material from my original script. As I'm not telling EVERYTHING about Baum's life (encouraging research, here!), there were a few bits I left out, including exactly why Dot & Tot of Merryland was the last Baum/Denslow book. It may be addressed in a future episode, such the one about plays, and I have been considering a special episode about the first two illustrators of the Oz books.

I have also almost decided to make my International Wizard of Oz Club 50th Anniversary video as a special episode completely dedicated to the Club. (It is currently covered in episode 4, which is going to be a long one if something isn't cut.)

Anyways, the second episode should be finished and online by the end of the week.

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