Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Links and Videos

Hey, I added a few new links today, mostly to blogs, but these are some pretty good ones! You may want to check them out!

Also, since the last time I posted one of my home-made Oz videos, I've put 2 on YouTube... So, here they are. Note that my Aussie friend and correspondent Sam Milazzo conceptualized these, but I did the work! (And, sometimes, tweaked with what he came up with, so it's my work, too.)

This is a re-dubbed clip from the Japanese "Wizard of Oz" Anime that starred Aileen Quinn and Lorne Green in the English version. What Sam did was write up new dialogue, and also wrote up a scheme for the music to work. We did subtitles as there was no way I could get anyone to record the lines.

This is a trailer for the 30th Anniversary DVD edition of "The Wiz." This does not mean I love the movie any more than I have previously indicated. I thought it could also make a nice little bait and switch trailer for Wonders 9.

Wonders 9, by the way, coming along very well. It will be done by the end of the week... Boy, after this, only three episodes left. Well, I will be doing two special episodes and a finale, but still, Wonders is coming to an end.

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