Saturday, April 19, 2008

Poll - Please vote!

Hey, as you know if you've been following "The Wonders of Oz" video series, episodes 4 and 9 have been split into two parts because they'd run over YouTube's 10-minute limit.

There are only three episodes, but as I'm getting into more and more recent subjects, I have a lot more material to use, including video. (Such was the case of Wonders 9...) This could very well mean that more episodes could be split into multiple parts, in fact, we are planning a special episode dedicated to Disney's Return to Oz that MAY be going over the limit of 10 minutes.

The question is, would you rather just watch a 1 part episode, or do you mind a multiple part episode?

As such, I have set up a poll on the sidebar of the blog (I'm making a YouTube video to ask the question tomorrow) for you to voice your opinion. If the vote is yes, then I will continue making episodes, just letting episodes flow a bit freer; but if the vote is no, I will attempt to keep it under 10 minutes.

I've also added a third option, that I should decide for myself. This is for that crowd, but if this wins, it'll be the same as if "yes" won.

So please, vote now! (By the way, you can vote only once as the poll saves a cookie on your computer to let it know if you've voted or not.)

EDIT: 4/30/2008, the poll has been closed for a few days now. The Score was as follows:

Take your time: 5 votes
Keep them short: 1 vote
Decide for yourself: 2 votes (It did say 3, but I had voted once to ensure easy voting.)

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