Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Tin Man Part 2?

I've gotten a few e-mails recently asking about the possibility of the SciFi Channel doing another Tin Man mini-series. Let me answer the question here:

Tin Man did very well ratings-wise (which, for TV, is that matters), so there is a good chance they will do more Tin Man stories.

In an interview with the writers of Tin Man, they mentioned that both a sequel and a prequel are being thought of, but which one they are doing was not decided by that time.

The media has made it out that SciFi may make this a regular series. At least Neal McDonough (Wyatt Cain/the Tin Man) has expressed interest. In addition, the rest of the cast are not exactly the biggest stars, so going into a regular-paying television series might appeal to them. (With the exception of Richard Dreyfuss, but given how the character went in the mini-series, it's doubtful his character would return anyways.)

Fans have expressed interest in a sequel, but as of yet, no word has been released to the public about any new developments in a possible Tin Man franchise.

Right now, as far as anyone knows, there may be another mini-series, maybe just a TV movie (I kind of doubt we'd see a theatrical release), or a full-fledged TV series. It just has not been decided yet. But be sure, if I hear anything, I'll blog about it.

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