Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Returning to Oz #31 - The End is upon us...

This is kind of old news, but thankfully it is the last of a backlog of blogs I've been needing to post. I'm trying to keep them separated by at least a day now.

(Note on downloading, I've no idea why, but Part 2 is repeated at the beginning of Part 3. You may want to skip downloading Part 2 for that reason.)

In this episode, Aaron Pacentine is joined by Celia Foster, mainly discussing one of the biggest concerns Oz fans have about "Return to Oz," the electroshock therapy.

A very large portion of the episode reveals that episode 32 will be the series finale... It's the end of an era. Aaron drops a few "spoilers" about it.

This episode was another solid entry for the series. I applaud it most heartily. Go ahead and download the episode!


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