Monday, May 05, 2008

A little extra effort...

My, working on The Wonders of Oz has caused me to learn quite a bit about video editing.

In "Wonders 9," I made use of some YouTube videos of varying quality, but I managed to polish and shine them up for use in the episode.

Just tonight I processed a new video for "Wonders 10." Here's a before and after look at the video quality (using a random keyframe)...

When I do this, I use a freeware program called VirtualDub that has the best features for processing video that has been taken from low-quality source material. Sure, you can't make it look like the original photography (or in this case, cel artwork), but it doesn't have to look pixelated and dark.

Man, working with Oz sure has taught me a lot of marketable skills... Just last week I was invited to apply for an IT job, which I qualify for consideration because of skills I've learned while tackling my many Oz projects. Take that, anyone who says Oz is a waste of time!

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