Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Returning to Oz Episode 32

Well, the final episode of "Returning to Oz" is online. After some wonderful music, we get an introduction with Aaron Pacentine, Aaron Schultz, and Celia Foster.

Then we move on to an audio drama of a man trying to find a specific book.

We then return to Aaron and Aaron, who pretty much lay out the ground work of how this final episode will run.

Now, we move into hearing from Oz fans who get to voice their opinions on the two most popular movies based on L. Frank Baum's works.

Next up is an interview with Joshua Dudley, who has been working on the final installment of his "Lost in Oz" books. He also mentions that he is making YouTube videos based on his books.

Up next is one of my latest Oz friends, Alan Cook, a Scotsman, who will have a special appearance in an episode of "Wonders" sometime soon. He gets to voice his opinions on Oz and how to find a copy of "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz" in Scotland.

Next up is a violinist Omer Lopez who loves the Oz series, and reveals how he discovered Oz on the Internet. Believe me, after his segment, you just want to applaud!

Next up is some guy who mentions what he thinks of MGM's "Wizard of Oz" and "Return to Oz." Then there's Richard Burch of Oz Central. Some of these excerpts are from earlier episodes of Aaron's series, as well as some interviews he has done that were not directly connected with the series.

Next on is Celia Foster, who began the series with Aaron. They reminisce about working on their early episodes. Long time listeners will have some smiles and chuckles during this part.

Then is Doug Aberle and Will Vinton, who did the "Return to Oz" claymation. We hear even more from behind the scenes, including the answer to long-standing rumor than the Nome King crumbles into the Anarchy symbol.

And well... That's where it ends... There will be a video that isn't online yet for the absolute LAST part of the episode, but the whole series... wow... When you think about how many people have appeared on the series and Aaron's interviews, it really stands out as an unparalelled accomplishment. Never before has anyone made a freely available series that has gathered this many people and covered so much in an interview format.

I can still recall when I first heard about the series. I had been keeping an eye on Aaron's productions at the time. One night, I was at the library, waiting to head over to a Chapter 6 concert (yeah...), and I noticed that Aaron was starting a series with Celia Foster about "Return to Oz," and I thought, "Oh, cool! That's my favorite movie." My, how things can evolve.

It's a little sad, because I and probably several others really looked forward to each new episode of the series, and now it's finished, but it's still online for everyone to enjoy.

The episode is 89 minutes and 25 seconds long, about as long as a standard feature film. The link is here: (LINK).

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