Wednesday, May 14, 2008

72 on 1

Okay, the latest Baum Bugle featured 72 covers on it's front and back covers, with a picture of L. Frank Baum imposed over it. (Well, his head does block some of the covers, all of past Bugles.)

Well, it was dated Autumn 2007, and frankly, it still feels like Autumn here. We kicked off April with snow, so it's been taking awhile for the weather to warm up. (This is not global warming, this is global cooling! Maybe the world is turning upside down.)

I had heard this issue was about to come out, but missed the notice that it had shipped, so it was a nice surprise when I opened the mailbox and found it. (Especially since it was at the end of a nice, long day at work.)

Well, this issue was a retrospective of the International Wizard of Oz Club's past 50 years. I wish I could have had this information at hand when I made the special Wonders episode about the Club.

Highlighting the issue are several articles by Club founder Justin Schiller, Martin Gardener, and David Greene. There is also a timeline of the Club, mentioning notable events from each of the past 50 years. To make this timeline even better, there are little notes and other items written by Club Members and current Club President Angelica Carpenter.

Rounding out the issue are the regular installments in Oz and Ends (where my submission, announcing Wonders right and proper in the Bugle, appeared, giving me QUITE a buzz to see my name in print*), The Oz Bookshelf, The Magic Picture, and the Oz Calendar.

Also is an entry in CuriOzity, wherein we see the earliest Oz-inspired political cartoon. (At least, it seems to be.)

Another item is that Hal Lynch, an early supporter of the Club, has passed away.

As with EVERY issue of The Baum Bugle, this is a fun read, and always a welcome entry in my mailbox.

* Well, my name has appeared in print before: a birth announcement in a special publication by the hospital I was born at, announcing all the babies born there in 1986; possibly when I got hit by a truck at age 8, and items relating to my grandparents' funerals. Yet, this is still the first time my name appeared in print due to a submission I'd made. I should work some more on that New Year's Resolution and see if maybe I can get something else in the Bugle (like a review) soon.

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