Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Got it!

Well, I finally got my copy of the Spring 2008 Baum Bugle, which was an enjoyable read. I usually talk about the contents of each issue, and how I liked them, but this time I won't, since most people who are entitled to their copies have them and have already read them. (I understand that I'm not the first person who didn't get their Bugle on time. To err is human, to forgive is divine, and I tend not to hold grudges.)

I did get a kick out of seeing my review for Hungry Tiger Press' edition of John Dough & The Cherub in print! I don't think much was changed from the final draft I sent off. The reason, it's the first Oz-related item I've written that has been printed. In fact, it's first thing I've written PERIOD that has been printed. I was just glad to help out, and yes, you can expect more reviews from me in the future.

Over the past few days, though, I have actually spoken to some of my overseas friends using Skype. Saturday night, I talked to Al Cook (I'm the "pal in Missouri" he mentioned in his blog) in Glasgow, Scotland, making this the first time I've called another Skype user, so the call was free. Last evening, I had an hour-long talk with Sam Milazzo (actually, for Sam, it was morning) of Maroubra, Australia, and we discussed some recent Oz comic books. We also tried to see who could do a better Wicked Witch of the West impression. (Not really, but we both tried.) Despite his Australian accent, Sam won. (Neither of us can cackle, though...)

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