Wednesday, February 18, 2009

John R. Neill - An Appreciation - Volume 2

Neill was instrumental in Reilly & Britton getting on their feet as a publishing house. He was a staff illustrator, so just about anything published got artwork by him produced for it.

Among Reilly & Britton's early titles was "Children's Stories That Never Grow Old," also available as "The Children's Red Books." I own one of these, and when I get a new scanner, will be sharing some pictures from it. It seems that one of these was an adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice books. I have some pictures of his artwork, courtesy of Al Cook, who found them on eBay about six years ago. (So we can't exactly link you to the source.)

The pictures Al gave me were rather bright, so I adjusted the colors in Photoshop. Because I have no idea what the originals looked like, I just had to go with a look that was easy on the eye.

Alice look a little... familiar?


Nathan said...

A lot of Neill's girls looked very similar, but yeah, that Alice is especially Dorothy-like. And by the way, that Humpty Dumpty is creepy. Why does he have a fang?

Jared said...

I've no idea why Humpty Dumpty had a fang, unless Neill thought it would look comical.