Sunday, February 15, 2009

Something really cool!

If you don't follow Bill Campbell's The Oz Enthusiast, maybe you should.

Just yesterday, he posted this blog that showed his own handmade versions of the Scarecrow and the Patchwork Girl together.

Some years ago, about 2001, I'd think, I tried to make my own Oz toys. The Tin Woodman was made of that grey cardboard they make cereal boxes with (so guess where I got it from...) and brass brads. The Scarecrow's head was a sock on a body I'd made myself (I actually still have that). The Gump was very much a glorified shoebox. Jack's Pumpkinhead was made from a miniature toy basketball, covered with paper. And Tik-Tok never worked. I couldn't prevent him from looking like a dumpy version of the Tin Woodman.

Someday, though, I should give it another shot...

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