Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here we go...

I'd like to challenge my readers to do this: write up the titles and premise of Oz stories you thought of but never wrote (or never finished writing). If you have a blog, post it on your blog and leave a link to it in the comments section. If you don't, just leave a comment.

And so I don't come off as mean, here's mine.
Zeb in Oz Zeb Hugson returns to Oz.

The Apocalypse of Oz (Maybe the title is a little extreme.) When magic stops working in Oz, it is up to the Wizard, Dorothy, Betsy Bobbin, Trot, Cap'n Bill, and Button-Bright to find out what's going on, how to stop it, and restore magic back to Oz.

The Lonesome Zoop of Oz The Lonesome Zoop (from the Oz Film Manufacturing Company) makes his debut in the Oz series. (Why do I get the feeling someone already did that?)

The Fountain of Youth in Oz/The Magic Fountain of Oz (I went with the first, more unwieldly title, because the second one could easily refer to the Fountain of Oblivion.) Using some of my previous story ideas, Zeb returns to Oz as an elderly man. He later finds the Fountain of Youth, guarded by the Lonesome Zoop, who imprisons him. Woot the Wanderer and Ugu the dove befriend Zeb in prison, while Button-Bright, the Shaggy Man, the engaged couple Jeeseva and Danx (also from the Oz Film Manufacturing Company's films), and Jinjur's son Perry set out to find the Fountain and set the prisoners free. The story would explain why people in Oz stay young or feel younger: there's something in the water. I got pretty far into it, then I tried to write in Captain Fyter and the whole thing got bogged down. (Oddly enough, the unfinished draft ends with them finding Captain Fyter in a swamp, so when I say "bog," I mean "bog.")

Nonestica: The Story of Oz From The Beginning I actually finished the first draft of this one! In a mythology that wound up resembling The Silmarillion (which I never finished reading), the creation of Oz, the surrounding countries, and even Sky Island is explained. The origins of the Nome King, the Wicked Witches, Ozma, Mombi, Queen Zixi of Ix, and Queen Coo-ee-oh and the Adepts are revealed. In the end, I decided it was not an entertaining story. When I later ran into someone else who had a similar idea using Nonestica as a series title, I was happy to let him have it.


Chris Dulabone said...

Most of mine get finished and (hopefully) eventually published. But if there are some good stories that need a little extra boost to find their way into completion, I am happy to do what I can to help--including in-depth research and even some ghostwriting. I'm always happy to find a good new Oz author.

Nathan said...

A few that I've started on, but haven't actually written much of, include:

Kaploomi in Oz - Well, that was the title I gave it at first, anyway, although I have a feeling I'd go with another one if I were to actually finish it. It involves a duck investigating the Wicked Witch of the West's old castle, and finding it inhabited by a new sorcerer. There was also an American boy who was journeying to Oz in the company of a sentient flying carpet, and some idea that the sorcerer would get a lot of magically animated beings (like the inhabitants of Bunbury) on his side.

The Brown Warrior of Oz - Again, the title is somewhat flexible. It's based on a short story I wrote about Randy and Kabumpo taking down a mad scientist/magician with the help of a reawakened warrior (originally the German hero Siegfried, but I intend to make the character more Ozian for the expanded manuscript). I also have plans to feature the Ozian music industry in the completed version, but I haven't written any of that subplot yet.

The Black Witch of Oz - I have most of this one planned out, but only a tiny bit written. It features Gloma, Ozana, two Americans, and some other characters teaming up to stop a witch from ancient times from awakening.

The Bearded Bowman of Oz - While Princess Azarine is aided by Dorothy and friends in her search for her missing father, a group of witches and wizards plans to make Glinda the new Archmage.

Mikelo! said...

A couple of mine:

Jinjur of Oz: In which Jinjur finds herself the target of a stalker, whose wife left him to join Jinjur's crusade, but, unlike the rest of the women of Oz, never came back to him. He'll do whatever it takes to exact his revenge on her, including using her new friend, a gardner named Lah-ti, against her.

Nonestica: A web series - Three friends, Henry, Em and Oscar, traveling into the Amercian West find themselves in another land of magic and danger. Think "Smallville of Oz"

Avalon of Oz: Son of Dorothy and Ozma (this would get explained), Avalon explores the lands beyond the Nonestic Ocean by traveling with an adventuring company. Guest appearance by Jenny Everywhere.

Betsy Bobbin: Magical Girl of Oz: Betsy comes into possession of a magical artifact, which transforms her into Oz Defender Magic Flyer. (subject to change)

The Red King of Oz: Glinda seeks the help of Sapphire Gauntlet, a superhero from the Darkstar Supers Universe, to help her find her lost husband who vanished into Burzee many years ago. Can the Gauntlet's vast power find him, or will the magic that took Glinda's husband overpower the science-based powers of the Gem, and leave him lost forever?

ColinAyres said...

The Would-be Queen of Oz.......

Princess Ozma decides it is time to become Queen of Oz and starts to plan the Ozziest Ceremony of all ceremonies after Dorothy one asks why she never became queen of Oz....
On the day of the coronation as Ozma is about to be crowned Queen a large storm cloud approaches in and a mysterious figure arrive. She is Ozra and lays claim to the throne in her name as the original fairy heir to the throne Oz.

Declared older fairy sister to Ozma and was originally due to take the throne until the fairy queen Lurline banished her for eternity.... Ozra sercetive and vengeful challenges Ozma to travel to the forest of Burzee to confront Lurline herself upon the issue. One condition is that Ozma take only one other companion with her. Ozma chooses Dorothy as her faithful companion.

Ozra states she does not need a companion as she has wth her most trusted source of knowledge which happens to be an old Jug.......

This story has knocking around my head for many years now. I will probably never write as I have no great flair for writing.