Friday, July 03, 2009

Some more updates...

I promise, good blog soon.

I'm sorry to say it looks like I won't be attending this year's Winkie Convention. A shame, as I haven't had a vacation for over three years. (Unless you count the time in 2007 when I was unemployed, but I was actively seeking work.) Aside from being low on money, I also have family matters. My sister's wedding is gearing up to be a source of lots of family drama, and as I'm now a groomsman, and a... no... they might be looking... Anyways... (That's also where some of the money I won't have on hand is going...) There's an amazing program this year, so I'm going to hate missing it. (If you can go, go!) Jane Albright is suggesting I attend the Club's National Convention. We'll see... (Happy birthday, Jane!)

I set up a Zazzle shop with the Wonders of Oz logo and my 3D rendition of Neill's OZ logo, as well as the previously unreleased logo for the Royal Podcast of Oz. There's t-shirts, pinback buttons, hats, ties, totes, magnets, stickers, mousepads, mugs, and a skateboard! I tried to make everything as cheap as possible, but it didn't seem they'd let you take any less than 10% of the sale. I made just about everything customizable, so if you like the design, but not the shirt, you can find one you want. Link is here: Oz T-Shirts & More!

(I was originally going to use Spreadshirt, which is cheaper, but they took my designs down, claiming they could infringe on copyrights. That's dumb, since they all were derived from Public Domain sources.)

Tuesday night, Sam Milazzo and I had a conference call to record a podcast about David Hutchison's Oz: The Manga. I now have over two hours of me and Sam talking about the series recorded, at a cost of about 3 dollars of Skype credit. It'll be quite a chore to edit down... But it's coming! Also, the next podcast is planned. With someone who's probably reading this... You know who you are... We did a test call.

And I'm reading Baum's Sky Island again. I think I'll be doing a blog about it. Then I'll start on that series of blogs about books that Baum tied into The Road to Oz.

Oh... And happy Independence Day/4th of July, my fellow American Oz fans! (Everyone else in the world can have a great day!)

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