Friday, July 15, 2011

Another Weekly Oz Update

Clayton Spinney has been blogging a lot recently over at the L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz director's blog. Keep up with the film's production here.

Blair Frodelius shared this photo at the International Wizard of Oz Club message board. It appears to be the logo for Disney's Oz, the Great and Powerful.

The photo above was taken at an open casting call in Detroit, Michigan that took place earlier this month.

EDIT: Doing some research on the photo, it looks like it originated from Abigail Spencer's Twitter page. Abigail is set to play Mrs. Hamilton in the film, who reportedly comes under the Wizard's spell.

Dorothy of Oz will be sharing exclusive footage from the film at Comic-Con, and they also promise a surprise casting announcement. I'm still thinking Kristin Chenoweth will reprise her role as Glinda, but we'll see. There will be a Q & A with Lea Michele, Patrick Stewart, Martin Short, Jim Dooley, and the producers to follow. For more details, check out their Twitter page.

Watch Patrick Stewart talk about his role in Dorothy of Oz here.

The Witches of Oz will hit shelves in Australia and New Zealand September 2, 2011 on a reportedly two-disc set. No special features have been announced yet.

Speaking of which, Leigh Scott has been invited to join the Making Genre Movies from the Pen Up panel at Comic Con in San Diego. The theatrical trailer for The Witches of Oz will likely be unveiled there. No word yet on if the release date info will be attached the trailer. Expect an announcement on the official Facebook page or Facebook group to be made regarding his involvement at the Comic-Con panel.

Comic Con is sure to be very Ozzy this year, with Tom & Jerry and the Wizard of Oz also being screened there.

Kirk Kushin and Ozopolis will be at Comic Con as well. If you're going, check it out, as Jared will be reviewing the current two issues soon! (And don't forget to say 'hi' to Eric and David at the Hungry Tiger Press booth!)

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