Sunday, July 03, 2011

The Royal Podcast of Oz: Page2Stage and the Wonderful Wizard of Oz

In this episode, Jared talks to Michael Gershowitz, Casey Wood, and Lindsey Cunningham of Page2Stage Entertainment about their stage musical adaptation of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

As always, you may listen and download at the podcast site, or use the player below.

DISCLAIMER: This episode was created to inform, not endorse. Following the discovery of this news report, we ask listeners to be judicious in donating to any project.


Angelo Thomas said...

The Tin Woodman has a tin head. Denslow and Neill drew him that way, and it is even said in one of Baum's books that he has a tin head. I don't think Baum wanted the Wicked Witch to be a six foot tall amazon woman dressed in a skimpy costume. Good luck with your musical. There's possibly going to be three Oz shows on Broadway at the same time. Andrew Lloyd Webber's production is headed to broadway, Wicked, and this one.

rocketdave said...

Though it sounds like a few liberties are being taken, I probably wouldn't turn my nose up at a musical production that wished to stay more faithful to the book, and it sounds like these people are trying very hard to do just that. I certainly don't have a problem with an amazonian wicked witch. As for the Tin Woodman, it may very well not explicitly say anything in the actual text of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz about whether he has a tin head or not. However, even if the illustrations aren't proof enough, it wouldn't have hurt to point out to the interviewees the scene in The Tin Woodman of Oz in which the character has a conversation with his former flesh and blood head, which would definitively remove any ambiguity on the subject.

Jared said...

Thanks for the comment, Dave. Even if I disagree, I make a point to not question their creative decisions while interviewing creators of Oz adaptations.