Sunday, July 03, 2011

Witches of Oz Confusion!

A couple US Oz fans have reported that The Witches of Oz will air on SyFy this Tuesday. They are not completely incorrect, but SyFy in the UK will be airing the miniseries version. The current plans for the US seem to be a theatrical release then DVD and BluRay.

"Are you sure both SyFy US and UK won't both air them?"

Okay, let's look at SyFy US' website:
I don't see anything about The Witches of Oz there. But let's check the Tuesday schedule.
No Oz there either, but there's a lot of Star Trek.

Now, let's look at SyFy UK's site:
All right! That's a horse of a different color! (Yeah, it is. The US site took much longer to load than the UK one.)

And just for comparison, here's the schedule for Tuesday:
Wow. Their schedule listing is nicer, too. (And it didn't start playing a video I didn't see.)

So, yes. The Witches of Oz is airing in the UK, not the US. We'll get it here eventually. Angelo will keep an ear open for information and probably announce it in one of his Friday blogs.

In the meantime, I hope Oz fans in the UK enjoy it!

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