Sunday, August 21, 2011

Happy Birthday, Ozma!

Yep, it's Ozma's birthday! (Thanks, The Road to Oz for giving us two clues that spelled out the exact date!) The past few years I've made a video for Ozma's birthday, but this year, my plate was a little full, and I couldn't decide on a good concept.

So, here's something I whipped together. A number of years ago, I used a program called MusicMasterworks to carefully construct MIDIs of songs from Hungry Tiger Press' sheet music collection for The Woggle-Bug. I managed to do "What Did The Woggle-Bug Say?" and "The Sandman Is Near." The first automatically got a home on my website, while the second, after playing it a few times, got lost when our computer was sent off to be fixed and it got wiped. (Those were in the dark days of tech support...)

Last night, I scanned the music for "The Sandman Is Near" onto my computer and tried two music recognition systems to create MIDIs of it. Both programs understood all the notes, but SmartScore X didn't play all of them back. SharpEye 2 gave me better results, though the first verse's tempo seemed to be too fast. The chorus was just great, so I recorded that to an MP3.

And that MP3 is available for download HERE.

Or you can play it here:

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Sam A M said...

I can't believe I completely forgot!

Happy Birthday for Sunday, Ozma!!