Friday, August 26, 2011

Weekly Update

As you've probably (hopefully..) noticed, I didn't do a blog last week. And that's because there really was NOTHING to blog about!

Oz, the Great and Powerful showed off some early footage and concept art at the D23 Expo last weekend. Read IGN's very descriptive report on the presentation here.

Leigh Scott has revealed two new stills from the upcoming The Witches of Oz movie via Facebook. Check them out here and here.

Albert L. Ortega Photography wrapped a Witches of Oz photoshoot last week with Paulie Rojas (Dorothy), Eliza Swenson (Billie Westbrook), Sasha Jackson (Ilsa), Noel Thurman (Glinda), Brooke Taylor (Locasta), and Chanel Ryan. Check out some behind the scenes photos from that shoot here, and look out for the Royal Blog of Oz EXCLUSIVE first look at the stunning cast photo here in the next few weeks!

Speaking of The Witches of Oz, I will be attending the film's premiere in New York City next month! I will definitely take my camera with me and hopefully will have some great pictures from the event to share on the blog.

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